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Touch Panel for ADS7845 EVM-PDK

Hello Team,

Unlike TSC2020 EVM-PDK, touch panel is not attached with ADS7845 EVM-PDK.
Where would it be available??


  •  Hello Tosh+,

    Unlike the TSC2020 multi-touch resistive touch screen controller (TSC) where the touch screen's rows and columns need to match with the TSC,  a single-touch resistive TSC (4-wire or 5-wire)  can control any corresponding touch panel. The ADS7845 EVM-PDK does not include a touch panel since any 5-wire resistive touch panel should work here.

    We do not have any 5-wire touch panel in house. You may Google on web to find  "5-wire resistive touch screens".

    Best regards,
    Wendy F.

  • In reply to Wendy Fang:

    Thanks Wendy-san,

    I appreciate it!