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TSC2003: VB1 and VB2 pins.

Part Number: TSC2003

RE: VB1 and VB2 pins.

Referring to the  supposedly non-automotive TSC 2003, i2c  touch screen interface (not the Q-1 suffix automotive version): No where, that I can find in the data sheet, does it refer to, or tell one what to do with the VB1 and VB2 pins, in the event that you are NOT using a battery or two batteries, as shown in the data sheet example schematic. Pull HI, pull low, leave floating?

Since these two inputs are monitoring battery health via separate ADCs, one would assume that they should be pulled high at VCC, if you are using a non-battery fixed/ regulated  supply. The guys on the help desk had no answer. The data sheets are identical as far as I can tell. Anybody?



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    You must connect the analog input pin Aux or Vbat to ground if not used.

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