LM8300: Software version number ($B2) response.

Part Number: LM8300

We have been using this component (LM8300IMT9B/NOPB) for a number of years and have always received a $C7 2 6 5 response to the read software revision command $B2.  Recently we have come across some units that return $C7 0 0 0, is there a notification that explains this change and why it was made.  Below is a snippet from the datasheet.

This command allows the user to read all the selected parameters. It is primary intended to aid in debugging.

This command can also be used if a configuration utility needs to determine the current setting of controller.

$B2: Read software version number

Reply Byte #1: $C7 (Software version number)

Byte #2: First byte in version number, year 20 (00-99)

Byte #3: Second byte in version number, month (1-12)

Byte #4: Third byte in version number, day (1-31)



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