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TSC2004: Sense Voltage set to less than I/O Voltage

Part Number: TSC2004

Hello team,

I am supporting an application using TSC2004 where a mistake was made, note (1) on the bottom of Page 3 of the TSC2004 Datasheet (Rev. E) that says that “I/OVDD must be ≤ SNSVDD” was overlooked and the Sense Voltage (SNSVDD) was tied to 1.8 V, and the I/O Voltage (I/OVDD) to 3.3 V.

However, the Absolute Maximum Ratings are not being violated, and the part seems to be working fine in prototypes.

Could you please let us know what the implications are in this case? what would you advise in this case?

Best Regards,
Victor S.
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