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TSC2046EVM-PDK: TSC2046EVM-PDK software installation

Part Number: TSC2046EVM-PDK

On a windows 10 machine, I am installing the eval software and the NI VISA from the supplied CD.  After installation, I launch the TSC2046 program with the EVM connected through USB and get the following error:

Error -1073807346 occurred at C:\Program Files (x86)\Texas Instruments\TSC2046EVM\TSC2046EVM.exe\VISA Get USB Interrupt Data.vi

I manged to get the USB active LED D2 lit by opening up the A0 switch on SW2.  The device manager displays the TAS1020B/TSC2046 EVM under other devices.

It displays a possible reason along with the error:

VISA:  (Hex 0xBFFF000E) The given session or object reference is invalid.

Any ideas how to resolve this?


  • Hello Daniel,

    Welcome to E2E, thanks for your interest in our products.
    Unfortunately, TSC2046 isn't supported by Windows 10. But Windows 7 or lower versions should be able to support this device.

    Best Regards
    José Luis Figueroa
    Application Engineer