LM8300: Software version number ($B2) response.

Part Number: LM8300

We have been using this component (LM8300IMT9B/NOPB) for a number of years and have always received a $C7 2 6 5 response to the read software revision command $B2.  Recently we have come across some units that return $C7 0 0 0, is there a notification that explains this change and why it was made.  Below is a snippet from the datasheet.

This command allows the user to read all the selected parameters. It is primary intended to aid in debugging.

This command can also be used if a configuration utility needs to determine the current setting of controller.

$B2: Read software version number

Reply Byte #1: $C7 (Software version number)

Byte #2: First byte in version number, year 20 (00-99)

Byte #3: Second byte in version number, month (1-12)

Byte #4: Third byte in version number, day (1-31)



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  • Hi Nathan,

    I'm going to search this information and will be responding soon with further information.

    Best Regards
    José Luis Figueroa
    Applications Engineer
  • Hello Nathan,

    I have been researching and It seems that there isn't any information about this.
    As this device is very old, It is quite difficult to find this kind of information because the people who worked with these devices aren't longer on TI.

    Best Regards
    José Luis Figueroa
    Applications Engineer