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LM2743: Power Management Forum

Part Number: LM2743

Hi Team,

I am the 2018 NCG Yang. I want to consult you something about the IC recommendation (LM2743).

The case is my customer's power supply (2nd generation) for PCIe with requirements as below:

1. Input: 12V 

2. Output: 3V3 

3. Load Current: 12.5A max (Typ 10A) 

4. low cost 

For the 1st generation, customer uses LTC1778 controller + NMOS SI4392, and now they want to use TI's controller. 

I used filter on TI.com to recommend LM2743, while I am not sure if it's a good choice. So I get two points to discuss with you as below:

1. It's a good choice to use LM2743 ?  

2. Do you have some tips/procedures to share, about recommending TI solutions for customer's requirements? (usually I use filter on TI.com, while it provides many alternatives)