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LMG1210: lmg1210 availabilty

Part Number: LMG1210

what is the current forecast for the probabilty of production launch of lmg1210 and date of avialbility ?

Regards, Pawel

  • Hi Pawel,

    This part is just completing the last few steps before we release it. It should be fully released (production launch) in 6-8 weeks.

    In the meanwhile, you can order samples off the web for prototyping.

    If this answered your question, please press the Green button. If you have any other questions, please let us know. We are excited about this new device!

    Best regards,

    Don Dapkus

    Gate Driver Applications Engineering Manager

    Dallas, TX USA

  • In reply to Don Dapkus:

    Hi Don,
    there is a sort of deal-breaker-bug for our application - Datasheet page 4 - are the current samples free of it ?
    How many samples can we manage to request for our prototypes due in 4 weeks ? (or more precisely, what is minimum quantity, becouse full reel of 250 components is too much for us)

    Regards, Pawel

  • In reply to Pawel Piwowarski87949:

    Hi Pawel,

    Is this for the same application of the LM5113-Q1 post you made? whats the EE?
    PG1 has an issue that causes the bootstrap switch to enter into a high-current state if a short L-H-L pulse is applied to the low-side driver. The exciting pulse width is typically about 3 ns. LMG1210 should have new PG material in the e-store & is scheduled to RTM end of Oct.
    Right now you can request up to 5 samples of LMG1210 however you can purchase however many you need.