Communication of BQ76PL455evm

Hello, I need to consult you about the UART communication problem of bq76pl455aEVM. It uses the USB-ttl communication conversion line recommended by the official network. Bq76pl445a-q1EVM uses the windows system to program communication, sends instruction reading voltage in one thread, and sends instructions in another thread for balanced control. But after issuing instructions for balancing control, communication failures will occur. There are several inaccurate lines of voltage read by another thread. I used eight of these battery channels. What is the reason? How can we solve this problem? Thanks a million!

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  • Have you config pl455A evm to 8S mode. Check the datasheet.
    Are you using your own code or TI GUI?

    What is " USB-ttl communication conversion line recommended "
    Can you take a picture of your set-up and post it?
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    I Have config pl455A evm to 8S mode.
    I used my own code." USB-ttl communication conversion line recommended "is connecting 455evm J3-Serial header to a PC USB port using an FTDI USB-to-TTL Serial(5V)cable.I configure the software according to the BQ76PL455EVM and GUI User Guide, adding synchronization lock between two processes in Windows, but there is no error in running a single process, two processes will run at the same time, and using TI GUI to reconnect 455 EVM will cause com errors, and restart TI GUI many times before normal communication with 455 evm.Can you help me?