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TPS54335A: Please help me why TPS54335A is burned.

Part Number: TPS54335A

My customer uses TPS54335A as their DC- DC source for their LCD product.

Vin is between 8V- 28V, the designed Vout is 5V, 3A. In fact, their output current is just 800mA. When the power is on, 10 of their 2000 board is burned, which happened at the TPS54335A part. 

The main difference between their design and the Webench design is their switch frequency is 1.4MHz.

Their schematic diagram is as follows.

And their PCB diagram is as follows. The PCB is a four layer  board.

Can you give me some advice for this TPS54335A burned case?  What else material should I offer? If have any, please tell me.