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BQ34110EVM-796: BQ34110EVM-796 by the BQSTUDIO write the bq34110 dataflash fail

Part Number: BQ34110EVM-796


 just  now I find out a problem that the BQ34110-EVM796 can't write the bq34110 dataflash correctly.

I write the BQ34110 the Number of the Series cell dataflash,the write operation step:

Change the  Number of the Series cell to 0x08 and the BQ34110 default is 0x01
Use the Advanced Comm section to write the data flash.
Start Register 3E, Bytes to Write 55 41 (data flash address)
Start Register 40, Byte to Write 08 (new data)
Start Register 60, Byte to Write 61 (checksum)
Start Register 61, Byte to Write 05 (length of data written)

after this operation and I want to read the Number of the Series cell dataflash but the value is still 0x01

now  I don't know how to resolve this question?

  • Hi Darren,

    I'll take a look at your steps Monday morning to see what might be wrong. Before then, can you check to make sure you are meeting the Flash Update Okay Voltage - if the cell voltage the device is seeing is below this value, then it will not allow flash updates. Also, you need to make sure the VEN flash bit is enabled which enables the external divider and disables the internal divider - this is important to make sure you have the correct voltage coming into the BAT pin. These steps are detailed in the EVM User Guide.

    Best regards,


  • In reply to Matt Sunna:

    Hi Matt:

    I measure  the voltage of VEN , the voltage between the VEN and pack- is about 0.3V  when I  connect the 10V battery  to the BQ34110EVM ,and when I shorten the  LOAD jumper and I am aware of the  board  around the  R21 is very  hot  so  I think the BQ34110EVM is bad . I  think of a thing that I have misconnected the J2 jumper.the  detail  connection is  below:

    I  connected the J2 jumper as the red circle but when I found out the misconnection ,I cut off the  battery quickly

    when I disconnnect the LOAD jumper I  connect the BQ34110EVM by EV2400 ,I find out the  Flash Update Okay Voltage is  2800mv,now I measure  the voltage is 0.3v,this is the reason why I can't wirte the BQ34110 flash successfully,I  want to know if there are devices damaged when I misconnected the J2 disconnection.

  • In reply to darren:

    Hi Darren,

    The EVM may still be okay. Correct the J2 jumper setting so that the correct voltage is going into the VBAT pin. Then carefully follow the steps from Section 3.2.1 of the EVM User Guide (see below). If R21 is getting hot, it is due to the LEN pin driving the learning load. You can remove the J10 jumper if you are not using that feature right now - it is for the End-of-Service special feature.

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  • In reply to Matt Sunna:

    Hi Matt:
    the BQ34110evm-796 board is ok,now I can write the BQ34110 dataflash correctly,think you!

    Best regards!