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BQ78350-R1: The fuel gauge is obviously inaccurate during inductive load?(BQ78350-R1 + bq76930)

Part Number: BQ78350-R1

Dear team,

The BQ78350-R1 + bq76930 manages 9 polymer lithium batteries, and the 9-cell lithium batteries are connected in series. The reference design is basically the bq76930 and bq76940 Evaluation Module, which supplies the servo motor. The drive voltage on the motor side is 24V.

If the load is used (stable absorption of 3A current) for testing, the charge and discharge are very accurate. Now the problem is that when I change the load to servo motor (the starting current of the motor is about 15A and the average current is about 2A), the data in BQ78350-R1 is wrong. For example, there is 60%of the power before the test, but there is still 60% of the power after test. When the customer used BqStudio (TI website download) software + EV2400 interface board to observe BQ78350-R1, found that the power does not change. The charging current sometimes appear, sometimes not, and the average current is only 10~20mA. But after restarting, the battery power is changed from 60% to 40%, which means that the battery is still consumed, but the BQ78350-R1 thinks that the power has not changed.

The following figure is the load end waveform, channel 2 is the motor current diagram, the highest value is about 12A, the kickback is -6A; the channel 1 is the voltage waveform;

Could you please help answer this question?

Thank you very much!

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