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WEBENCH® Tools/LMR33620-Q1: Smiulation for Phase margin

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Part Number: LMR33620-Q1

Tool/software: WEBENCH® Design Tools

Hi TI-team

LMR33620-Q1 don't have WEBENCH.

So I used WEBENCH of LMR33620.

However, there is no Bode Plot in the simulation item.

Are there any plans to add it ?

Is there a phase margin result ?

It is not described in the data sheet or User's Guide.


Best Regards,

Koji Hayashi

  • Hi Koji,

    You can give a try on Classic-Webench of TI. It does have feature to plot bode-plots for the part you interested in.

    Please close the thread if you think my repsonse answered your question. Thanks!

    Best Regards,

    Ankit Gupta