LM5010: Driving a Capacitive Load

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Part Number: LM5010


I am considering using the lm5010 to top off the voltage on a 470uF capacitor bank which will provide a 10A 150us pulse to another application. 

I got the AN-1352 LM5010 Evaluation Board and changed R3 to 22k in order for it to put out 52.5V, changed R1 to 470k to change the switching frequency to 920kHz and attached the 470uF load on vout. (Vin is set to 60V).

However, as soon as i attached the load, the output voltage dropped as the chip attempted to charge the capacitor. It would rise to 51.6v and then abruptly stop switching. The voltage would continue to fall until 1.2v until the lm5010 would start switching again.

Any clue how I could get the chip to stay switching?



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