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TPS2549-Q1: Short circuit protection mechanism of TPS2549-Q1

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Part Number: TPS2549-Q1

Hi Support Team

Would you please help check the below question about TPS2549-Q1 application

1, What will happen when the pin 12(OUT) short to GND. And the Vout can restore to 5v immediately or delay the fixed time when remove the fault 

2, Customer had found the Vout is about 0-0.5V when the the pin 12(OUT) short to GND when the test. But there has a little Vout is about 0.9-1V also thatt customer don't hope to see 

   Please help give us some advice and explain the short circuit protection mechanism of TPS2549-Q1

  • Hi,

    When the OUT short to GND the device will go to current limit mode. As the voltage across the device is about VIN that will create heat and device go into thermal cycling. You can find the output current thermal cycling during the short circuit. The cycling time is not fix it depend on internal OTSD temperature 135C and hysteresis 20C .

    The short voltage is the Ilimit*Rshort , you can use the lower resistance cable to short to let the short voltage more lower.