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TPS54202: Over shoot in case of startup

Part Number: TPS54202

Hi all

Would you mind if we ask TPS54202?

Our customer's condition are follows;
Vin : 12V
Vout : 5V
Iout : 100mA

On the our customer's circuit, after start up, it occurs overshoot, Vout is more than 5.15 for an instant.
Please refer to the attachment file.

So, we would like to check it using TPS54202EVM, however we don't have this EVM.
If you have the figure of start up with follow condtions, could you share it? 
Vin : 12V
Vout : 5V
Iout : 100mA

We would like to use this data to judge whether the the customer board has some problem or not.
(We assume that the cause of a problem is parasitic inductance or pulse skip mode.)

Kind regards,

Hirotaka Matsumoto