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[FAQ] UCC5310: App note describing about Miller clamp feature

Part Number: UCC5310

Hi Team,

Do you have any app note describing Miller clamp  feature? I especially want to know following two points.

1. What is Miller clamp?

2. how does our Miller clamp function work?


Takashi Onawa

  • Hello Onawa-san,

    Currently we do not have an app note on the Miller clamp feature but that is a great idea!

    The Miller clamp pin is a sense pin and also an extra pull down N-FET in parallel with the pull down FET on the output.
    Please refer to the block diagram in the datasheet.

    This CLAMP pin needs to be connected to the gate of the MOSFET or IGBT in order to detect any unwanted rise in gate voltage and activate the pull down FET to VEE2.

    here;s another post that discusses it:

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