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[FAQ] TPS23861 PoE PSE Controller: PSE to PSE Connection Concerns

Part Number: TPS23861


      if customer use TPS23861 that PSE connect to another PSE via cable. Has any damage risk for it? Has any protection integrated on TPS23861? Thank you. 



  • Hi Patrick,

    TPS23861 can not pass detection if connecting to a PSE device. In semi auto mode or auto mode, the port can't be turned on with invalid detection or classification. We did a lot of testing to connect PSE to PSE port and we found the detection always shows Rshort, Rlow, Rhigh and open circuit with different types of cables and PSE devices, with and without protection part on the board. We didn't produce a valid detection results, so there's no chance for TPS23861 to turn on a PSE device in semi auto or auto mode. Thanks.

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