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TPS2372: Non Standard PSEs with TI BT PDs

Part Number: TPS2372

 Hi All,

I have watched  the video called TPS2372/3 working with no compliant high power injector and I have  few questions:


In order to connect a TI's BT PD to a UPOE PSE, the PD needs to have its first class resistor as a class 4. That means that on a TPS2372 PD the Class Signature resistor A must have a value of 63.4Ω in order to be powered by an UPOE PSE regardless what value is set for Class Signature B?.


Using a POE++ PSE with a TI BT PD doesn't require any specific instruction to be classified and powered up by a POE++ PSE, it should be classified and powered as a BT PSE would do, is this correct?.

If a POE++ PSE of 120w is connected to a TI BT PD Class 8, the PD application  will have to make sure that it doesn't exceed 71w at the PD, as the PSE will be able to supply up to 120w violating the IEEE and UL standard, is this statement correct?


POH PSE will just turn on a TI BT PD if it is classified as a class 4. If the TI BT PD is classified Class 5 or above the POH PSE won't turn on the TI BT PD, is this correct?.

Thanks in advance.