BQ24616: BQ24616 charging problem

Part Number: BQ24616

Dear team,

The current debugging from 1cell-5cell is normal, and the charging current is in line with the design requirements, but when the battery is adjusted to 6cell, as long as a power-on, about 1s time status indicator shows charging, but I did not pick any battery .
Then adjust the resistance and change the original 6cell charge to 5cell charge. The phenomenon is the same as the 6cell charge. What is the problem?

Vin=28V, Iadapter=4A, Iprecharge=0.3A, Icharge=1.5A, charging time is set to 2 hours, when the problem occurs, the input current position is around 0.1A.

Could you please help answer this question?

Thanks & Best Regards,


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