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[FAQ] LP8860-Q1: Combined Output Operation and Diagnostics

Part Number: LP8860-Q1



LP8860-Q1 is operated with all outputs (OUT1 - OUT4) shorted together to maximize LED current up to 600 mA. 8 LEDs are operated in series with Vf between 2.75V and 3.5V for each LED.


1) What are the EEPROM parameters for this configuration ? LED_STRING_CONF[2:0] -> 110 or 101 ?

2) Will fault detection of Shorts & Open still work ? Is there additional configuration necessary ?

3)The boost adaptation and protection is explained in Figure 29 of datahsheet. With all outputs on same voltage level, will comparator levels work properly ?

4) Is it possible to detect the short / Open of a single LED ?

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