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TPS23880: Schematic Review

Part Number: TPS23880


Could you please help to check the schematic, thank you.


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  • Hi C.T,

    Please see my comments below:

    1. TPS23880 needs host to load sram code and do basic configuration though I2C even using auto mode. So SCL, SDAO and SDAI can't be left open and they have to be connected to a host.
    2. You probably can get rid of Q1 and Q4 by connecting the LED directly across the port. Please refer to BOOST-PSEMTHR-007 board. 
    3. I can't find T1's datasheet, but I want to make sure you understand that there's a certain polarity Type 3 and Type 4 PSE port needs to follow. See below. If wanting to understand more about BT standard, please check the white paper here:ethernetalliance.org/.../WP_EA_Overview8023bt_FINAL.pdf.

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