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[FAQ] TPS659037: TPS6590376ZWSR vs TPS6590378ZWSR

Part Number: TPS659037

Customer is referring to AM5728 EVM schematic & using TPS6590376ZWSR. TPS6590378ZWSR is available & I see three differences between both devices from user guide:

1. GPIO_2 was added to the sequences at the same time as SMPS3

2. SMPS3 moved from slot 3 to slot 2 in power-down sequence

3. The delay between slot 2 and slot 3 in power-down sequence was increased from 500 µs to 1000 µs

Is it advised to use TPS6590378ZWSR device instead of TPS6590376ZWSR ? 

Are both p2p replacements ?

Checking as TPS6590376ZWSR free samples support has been stopped & customer needs samples so can support samples of TPS6590378ZWSR.

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