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[FAQ] UCC27282: Gate driver IC prevents damage from negative voltage spikes due to stray layout inductance and protects against cross conduction with built-in interlock in 100V half-bridge applications

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Part Number: UCC27282

Advanced power supply designers often face challenges when designing robust, high density, and high efficiency power supplies. To achieve these, they often ask for gate driver ICs that are as small as possible, but at the same time have excellent switching characteristics such as fast rise/fall times, small propagation delay, and excellent delay matching. Most of these designs need to operate at very high switching frequencies and to reduce switching losses, designers ask for a gate driver that can satisfactorily operate at low supply voltages. These power supplies need to operate in noisy (electrical) environments and therefore need features such as negative voltage handling and overlap protection. Most of the time low standby current is a must-have requirement and a driver IC needs to be disabled in such operating modes. Power supply designers also ask for a driver that can be disabled if a system level fault exists.

Texas Instruments recently released a 100V half-bridge driver to accommodate and address all these requirements from power supply design engineers.

The key features of the UCC27282 are:

  • Drives Two N-Channel MOSFETs in High-Side Low-Side Configuration

  • 5-V Typical Under Voltage Lockout

  • Interlock/Overlap Protection

  • Enable/Disable Functionality

  • 16-ns Typical Propagation Delay

  • 12-ns Rise, 10-ns Typical Fall Time With 1800-pF Load

  • 1-ns Typical Delay Matching

  • Absolute Maximum Negative Voltage Handling on Inputs (–5 V)

  • Absolute Maximum Negative Voltage Handling on HS (–14 V)

  • 3.5-A Sink, 2.5-A Source Output Currents

  • Absolute Maximum Boot Voltage 120 V

  • Low Quiescent Current (7-µA) when Disabled

  • Integrated Bootstrap Diode

  • SON-10 DFN 3x3mm Package

  • Specified from –40°C to 140°C Junction Temperature


Key benefits of UCC27282 are:

  • Compact package allows for use in high power density and low loss applications

  • 5V UVLO allows low bias voltage operation to optimize design at different operating modes in high efficiency applications

  • Small propagation delay and delay matching allows for the use in high frequency and high efficiency applications

  • Interlock protects against shoot-through current in the half bridge configuration and negative voltage handling allows for use in harsh environments and improves system robustness

  • Enable/disable functionality allows low quiescent current mode and greater system flexibility in fault conditions


Above mentioned features and benefits make UCC27282 an ideal candidate for following applications:

  • Telecom and Merchant Power Supplies

  • Motor Drives and Power Tools

  • Auxiliary Inverters

  • Half-Bridge and Full-Bridge Converters

  • Active-Clamp Forward Converters

  • High Voltage Synchronous-Buck Converters

  • Class-D Audio Amplifiers


Do you have any questions on how to implement UCC27282 in your design? If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please post to E2E so the team can help address your needs.


For additional information or if you would like to order samples please follow the respective links:

The Datasheet is available here:

Samples are available to order here:

Richard Herring