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BQ27220: How to calibration BQ27220 with few parameters

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Part Number: BQ27220

hi Onyx,

Further question to BQ27220 configuration. my end customer has completed the fuel gauge training and they observed the missing configuration are as follow:

so far, they have managed to write to the design capacity and EDV0,1,2 correctly. Need to know how to write the Calibration parameters: board offset(integer) , CC offset(integer) , CC gain (floating value), CC Delta (floating value) into the register. can you advice the steps? Hope you can provide the clear steps to spped up the troubleshooting. 

Note: End cust do not want to write to OTP but only want to configure the register everytime the MCU boot up to save time and manufacturing process. 

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  • hi KPK

    The calibration parameters are df parameters just like the design capacity. Writing to those registers is the same steps. 

    For floating points, you will find e2e post below useful.




  • In reply to Onyx Ahiakwo:

    hi Onyx,

    Will you be able to help to convert the following into hex value for below parameters that the fuel gauge can understand? 

    Below are decimal values.

    Paramters New Value
    Calibration / Current / CC Gain (F4) 0.1766
    Calibration / Current / CC Delta (F4) 210650

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  • In reply to Poh Kok Keng:

    Pls follow the instructions in the post provided.