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BQ76930: Powering the BQ76930,BQ78350 and MCU

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Does the BQ76930 get powered directly by the battery pack or do I have to power it seperately?

Can the BQ78350 be powered from the REGOUT pins on the BQ76930? While doing so, the BQ78350 goes to sleep when the BQ76930 sleeps, correct? The BQ78350 does not have a REGOUT pin, how to power the MCU in this case?

Is it recommended to use a separate voltage regulator to power the BQ78350 and the MCU?

  • Hi,

    The BQ76930 is powered directly from the battery pack. The BQ78350 VCC pin should be connected to the REGOUT pin of the BQ76930. This video helps illustrate the schematic connections for the BQ76930: https://training.ti.com/how-create-schematic-bq76920-bq76930-and-bq76940 

    If you also have a MCU on the board, I would recommend a separate voltage regulator so that the MCU can stay awake when the BQ78350 is powered down.

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  • In reply to Matt Sunna:

    Thanks Matt.

    Is there a reference design for powering the MCU from the battery pack directly using a voltage regulator? Do I need to power the MCU from the DSG terminal of the BMS directly? 

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    TIDA-010030 is a reference design using the BQ76940 and an MCU that is powered from a voltage regulator: http://www.ti.com/tool/TIDA-010030

    The other reference designs for the BQ769x0 use the REGOUT pin to power the controller.

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