TL494:TL494 Feedback de saída

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Part Number: TL494

I need to know if anyone can help me write a schematic circuit of the TL494 so that it has maximum duty cycle ... and is small at the same time to fit in smaller spaces .... I'm having a hard time today how to design the circuit (calculations and equations) of how and where to place the components so that the dedicated TL494 integrated circuit will work beneficially for my project ..... please ask someone to help me create a circuit that can give maximum autonomy and satisfactory performance ...


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  • Hello Samuel,

    It is beyond the scope of this forum to provide a working design for your application.
    However I can point you in the right direction so that you can design a circuit for your own application.

    Please review Figure 9 in the data sheet for the TL494

    If you connect pin 16 (EA+ feedback) then the circuit will run at max duty cycle because there is no feedback signal.
    Also there are several working designs and application notes in the technical documents section of the part webpage.

    You will find these located here



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