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TPS63020-Q1: Bidirectional energy transfer function and negative current limit

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Part Number: TPS63020-Q1


I read the document http://www.ti.com/lit/ug/slva726/slva726.pdf 

In section 3.2 Backup Capacitor Charging Operation, it says that "The TPS63020 buck-boost converter operates bidirectionally and is able to transfer energy from its input to its output as well as from its output to its input."  But in the datasheet of TPS63020, it doesn't say anything about the bidirectional energy transfer function. Does all the buck-boost have this function?

Besides, it says"The charge current is defined by the negative current limit of the TPS63020 buck-boost converter. Depending on the converters operating mode, either in buck mode or in boost mode, the negative current limit is typically between 0.6 A and 0.8 A." But I can't find the negative current limit in the datasheet of TPS63020.

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  • Hi Wenxiu,

    In order to have bidirectional energy transfer, the converter (and its control) needs to allow bidirectional inductor current. This is possible in all synchronous converters, therefore also in TPS63xxx buck-boost converters. If you look at the 4-switch non-inverting buck-boost converter, it is symmetrical, and can operate in both directions.

    The negative current limit is not characterized for the TPS63020, but is typically between 0.6 A and 0.8 A. 

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