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Recommendation for 3-channel RGB LED driver

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hello TI Team,

Is there any Automotive Grade(AEC-Qualified)3-channel RGB LED driver which supports only I2C and which can operate in 3.3 to 5v supply voltage? If can you provide me part number?

Thank You in Advance

  • Hi,

    Proper expert was assigned and he will reply you soon

    Best Regards,

    Hardy Wu
    PSIL- LED Drivers
    Application engineer

  • In reply to Hardy Wu:

    hi ,

    Till now I dint get any updates from TI


    how about this device ?Can I use this device for I2C ?


    Do you have any other device which supports for I2C. If ,please let me know

    Thank You in Advance 



  • In reply to mallamma HR:

    Hi mallamma,

    LP8860 support for i2c communation,and have 4 output pin.So it can satesify your application.

    And LP8863 have a better perfomance than 8860, also can satesify your need.

    Thanks & Best Regard

    Frank Qiu