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CSD19537Q3: Trying the solid-state relay design

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Hi, guys. I saw this article and I wanted to use this application.

- AC signal generating ± 75V

- load 1k ~ 10k Ohm

- Using Arduino DUE to control the gate

Q0. This application is using two NFET CSD19537Q3, right?

Q1. The Arduino DUE provides 2.9V from the GPIO pin. Whereas the Threshold Voltage of CSD19537Q3 is 3V.

Can I use a different TI NFET?

Q2. Is there a single TRIAC solid-state relay (SSR) IC from TI? I need a switch using an AC signal.

Q3. Should the Arduino GND connected to between Source and Drain (Battery - side)?

-Best Regards, David

  • Hi David,

    Thanks for you interest in TI FETs. There is actually a TI reference design available for the solid state relay at the link below. To answer your questions:

    • Q0: Yes it uses 2 x CSD19537Q3 FETs.
    • Q1: You'll see in the reference design that the FETs are driven by 10V. All of our 100V BVDSS NFET devices have rds(on) specified for minimum VGS = 6V. We do not recommend driving them at a lower voltage because we cannot guarantee rds(on) with VGS < 6V.

    Please take a look at the reference design and let me know if you have additional questions.

    Best Regards,

    John Wallace


  • In reply to John Wallace1:

    Thanks for providing TIDA-00377, John.

    There are various schematics in TIDA-00377.

    Since I use 3.3V GPIO from Arduino, which design are you mentioning?

    I'm having hard time choosing the proper one for me.

    -Best Regards, David

  • In reply to David__:

    Hi David,

    Thanks again for your interest in TI FETs. I was not directly involved in this design so I am going to send this one to our Industrial Systems team to help you out.

    Best Regards,

    John Wallace


  • Hi David, Let me answer your questions:

    A0. There are several TI reference designs that are related to SSR:

    They are done with CSD19537Q3, but not limited to. Different MOSFETs can be used. For 75 Vrms AC power supply I will use MOSFETs >130 V

    A1. Yes you can use different Logic level MOSFET or use signal level translator.

    A2. No, we do not have integrated solution.

    A3. Yes

    Hope this helps.

    If you have any addition questions please do not hesitate to contact us



  • In reply to Miro Oljaca79:

    Thanks Miro.


    75Vrms with 130V FETs rules out any TI devices. Our highest voltage FET has 100V BVDSS with a minimum VGS of 6V. 

    Best Regards,

    John Wallace


  • In reply to John Wallace1:

    Thanks, guys. I'll try the TIDA-00377

    -Best Regards, David