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BQ51050B: Which transmitter part is suitable for this receiver

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Part Number: BQ51050B


I am planning to use bq51050B to charge the Li Poly battery. So, which is the transmitter part suitable for this receiver. Does EVM is available for receiver and transmitter for evaluation.

My charge current requirement is below 400 mA and charge voltage is 4.2V

bq500212AEVM-550 PWR550 is suggested in TIDA-00329 test report. But, in digikey bq500212AEVM-550 PWR550 is displayed as obsolete. Could you please confirm whether this part is obsolete or not



  • Hi Sanjay,

    Since the BQ51050B is Qi compliant, you could begin evaluation with an off the shelf transmitter that is Qi Compliant. Since the charge current is below 400mA, I would imagine you would want to terminate at 80mA or lower. What is your battery capacity?

    You could take a look at some of the other receivers with a discrete charger which will give you greater flexibility. Yes the transmitters are in limited support for existing customers so they are not recommended for newer designs. 

    Let us know if you have any questions.



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    Hi Gautham,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Could you please recommend any part number for off the shelf transmitter that is Qi Compliant and the battery capacity would be 800mAh to 1Ah.

    As you suggested, Could you please name some receivers with a discrete charger, so that I can check for the feasibility

    Thanks & Regards


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    Hi Gautham,

    Awaiting for your reply.....! 

  • In reply to Sanjay P:

    Hell Sanjay

    I can assist with this question.

    A good off the shelf wireless charger to test with is the TYLT VU or TYLT VU SOLO, both are available from Amazon.  This is a Qi certified wireless power transmitter rated up to 5W output power.

    The BQ51050BEVM-764 (BQ51050B EVM), is available from Digi-Key.

    Best Regards,

    Bill Johns,  Applications Engineer

    Texas Instruments Inc

    Dallas, Texas

    For more information on Battery Charger Solutions see Link

    Search "FAQ" on E2E Forum for common questions on battery charger solutions. 

  • In reply to Bill Johns:

    Hello Bill Johns,

    Thanks for the reply and suggestion...! I will go through the devices suggested and try to order those and evaluate

    Thanks and regards,