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TPS65094: Transient Spec for TPS65094 SW1

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Part Number: TPS65094

Hi Team,

For TPS65094 SW1, please refer to the waveform below, we have the transient below 0.3V for 13ns, the minimum value is -3.44V, will this cause damage to the device? Could you please give some comments on that? In datasheet, we can only find the spec that the transient should be less than 5ns for -5V.

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    Livia Liu

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    Hi Livia,

    The absolute max for this device takes into consideration both time and the voltage level. If the lowest transient voltage is higher than the lowest voltage in the absolute max table (in this case it is, -3.44>-5V) then the time that the pin can be at that voltage increases. In this case your peak of -3.44V is for less than 4 ns, so this should not be a problem and you should not cause any damage to the device. I have noted to add a comment about this in the next datasheet revision.

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    Layne J

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    Hi Layne,

    Got it. Thanks for the quick reply.

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    Livia Liu