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BQ40Z80: The chemical ID in tool bqstudio1.3.86 does not have 705

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Part Number: BQ40Z80

Tool is bqstudio1.3.86, select Bq40z80 to enter, chemical ID is not 705,.But select Bq34z100G1 to enter, and you will see chemical ID 705.

May I ask what is going on? How can I select chemical ID 705 using Bq40z80? Thank you.

  • Hi Jason

    i am not sure what is going on with this. I am seeing the same issue on my system. let me dig in and see what i can find out.



  • In reply to Onyx Ahiakwo:

    Hi Jason

    I see what the problem is. It really isn't a problem, At the top left hand corner of the chemistry tab window, there is a check box that says "include chemistry ids that do not support turbo mode 2". You need to check that box to show id 0705 for the bq40z80