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BQ40Z80: BQ40Z80: Pin configuration Issues (Pin 15)

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Part Number: BQ40Z80

Hi Batt,

I have any the same things after Reseting the gauge



  • Hi Loic,

    Batt is out of office. Can you be a little bit more descriptive about the issues you are facing?



  • In reply to Onyx Ahiakwo:

    Hi Onyx,

    I try to managed GPIO Pin.

    I have right configured Data Memory for activating Pin 12 and Pin 15.

    Now I have good for Pin 12 but not for Pin 15, it is always ON.

    Data Memory configuration :

    1- Setting/Configuration/Pin configuration = 0x 0183

    2- Setting/Configuration/FlagMapSetUp0 = 0x8841

    3-  Setting/Configuration/FlagMapSetUp0 = 0x8041

    Test conditions:

    A - When FD flag of Battery Status are Set OFF (Green) then  :

    -> Pin 12 is set to 0 V

    -> Pin 15 is set to 1.51 V

    B - When FD flag of Battery Status are Set ON (Red) then  :

    -> Pin 12 is set to 1.8 V

    -> Pin 15 is set to 1.51 V instead of 1.8V

    Can you try this ?



  • In reply to LOIC REBOUSSIN:

    Hi Loic,

    Can you provide a gg.csv file for us to review and test?


    Damian Lewis

  • In reply to Damian Lewis:

    Hi Damian,

    Work In progress!

    I have 2 issues :

    1- I'm using GPIO the Pin 15 for enable a LDO regulator (TPS70930DBVR : Texas Instrument). Without this composant I haven't 1.51 V. So my first issue are a flowing current through EN input to IN input from LDO regulator. I will use a stage with Mosfet between the BQ and LDO regulator for solve It.

    2- Without LDO regulator, when I write Word 0x100 on command 0x49 (GPIOWrite()), I have right 0x11 on 0x48 read (GPIORead()) and GPIO pin 15 are good 5V (3.5 V with small load) . With reverse command I have good 0 V on the GPIO Pin 15.

    => But the signal keep always to 0 V with FlaMapSetUp function !

    BQ firmware : bq40z80_v0_04_build_5.srec


    Please find a gg.csv file attached,



  • In reply to LOIC REBOUSSIN:

    Hello Loic,

    Can you attach the schematic?