TPS2HB16-Q1: Automotive gas dispenser aplication

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Part Number: TPS2HB16-Q1

Hi We are design a gas dispenser control system and this siste uses electronic control valves (12 VDC  2A),  we can use this  device for TPS2HB16-Q1 int aplication, or can you propouse a similar product., previusly we use a NFET but we found troubles because, exist a high risk of accidental short circuits


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  • Hello, 

    Thanks for posting to the forum. 

    Apart from the 2A DC current under normal operating conditions, do you expect to see any high current due to inrush? (I expect not since this is primarily valve control).

    The TPS2HB16; version "A" with RLIM = 25kohm has a min/typ/max current limit of 2.66/4.1/5.46A. (Datasheet; page 8, section 7.5)

    So this could work for your application. 

    If you need tighter ILIM control; let us know and we can help you find a better fit. 

    Note that this is a 2-channel high side switch.



    Power Switches, Applications Manager

    Texas Instruments

  • Hi Miguel,

    Is there a sepcific reason that you need a 16-mOhm part? Do you also hve any specific informatino about your load such as inductance or is it resistive in nature?

    We would reommend the TPS2HB50 if a two channel device is needed or the TPS1H100 for single channel based on resistive loads.


    Anthony Pham

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