• Battery Management - Chargers Forum

    The following Battery Charger product categories are covered in this forum: Energy Harvesting ICs, Linear Battery Chargers, Switching Battery Chargers, bqTesla, Wireless Power, Wireless Charging, and Wearables.
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  • Battery Management - Gas Gauge Forum

    The following Battery Fuel (Gas) Gauge products are covered in this forum: Single-Cell Fuel Gauges, Multi-cell Fuel Gauges, Cell Balancing, and Cell Authentication.
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  • Battery Management - Monitors, Protectors, Authentication and ID Forum

    Products covered in this forum: Battery Monitors (Analog Front-Ends), Automotive Stackable Monitors, Protectors, Charger Front-Ends, Authentication and Identification ICs. Product families covered are bq76xx, bq77xx, bq29xx, bq243xx, bq26100 and more.
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