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  • We are in a process of making “lithium polymer battery” charger with following specification:

    1: voltage: "12 V " 

    2: Power: "4400mah"

    3: Operating temperature during Charging: "0-45℃"

    4: Charging current: "0.5C" at rapid charge  

    Simultaneously we also want to to drive load circuit ">25 amp at 9V".

    On the basis of our knowledge and search, we find IC "BQ24725A” is in accordance with our requirements. Could you please confirm whether this is a right choice or not?  

    If you have any other better solution to our requirement, please share details. 


    Please share your feedback and suggestion, to find the optimum solution for our requirement. 



    Akashay Singla

  • In order to choose the right battery cell to your device, you need to know its technical requirements. The chosen cell must at least comply with this requirements.
    There is a today a large selection of good and safe chargers on the market, which one can use. You should however make sure, that the charger does not overcharge the batteries and does not recharge the batteries very fast