bq24171 - User Guide Errata?


Its regarding document slusaf2a.pdf. There seems to be some confusion, at least to me, on page 26.

1. Under "INPUT ACFET AND RBFET SELECTION", line 2, it should be referring to Figure 23 instead of 22.

2. In Figure 23, the questionable component is resistor Rsns. Shouldn't that be Rac? Rsns should be next to the inductor, isn't?

Please help me clarify this. Thanks.

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  • SLUSAF2A.pdf is bq24171's datasheet.  You are right. The figure number should be 23. Also, Rsns isn't used on anywhere else. Call it Rac that makes sense. I will contact system engineer and update the datasheet.

  • In reply to Wang5577:

    1. Thanks. 

    2. No, it did. If you refer to page 27 Fig 25, it is named again Rsns with specific instructions to connect from SRP & to SRN but Rsns on Fig 23 is connected after RBFET & PVcc. I know the part is sense res but kind of confusing if used in such manner.