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BQ25703A: BQ25703A question: 1. 5V input for 2s battery, 2. Shipping mode like BQ2589X?

Part Number: BQ25703A

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My customer want to use BQ25703A as charger, and have folling question

1. Just want to make sure if 5V input would it can buck boost to charge 2S 8.8V bqttery? Do i need to take care for any item?

2. Customer want to check if the shipping mode behaver just like other charger (BQ2589X), in datasheet I just see a reg setting about shipping mode.

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  • 1. bq25703A is a host control slave charger. The host controller needs to enable charger by setting correct charging current (default value is zero) and voltage (default 2s charging voltage is 8.4V). Also, the default input current is 3.2A. Customer may want to change it.

    2. bq2589x has integrated BATFET. It can cut the charge and discharge path on both direction. But, bq25703A uses external BATFET which has body diode can pass discharge current from BAT to system load. So, bq25703A's shipping mode is different than bq2589x's. bq25703A shipping mode turns off charging BATFET for certain time. At same time, the battery pack or host turns off its discharger FET.