BQ25703A: Battery charging Using EV2300

Part Number: BQ25703A

Hello E2E Community,

For POC, we are testing with BQ25703A EVM & EV2300 kit. I am using the Battery Management Studio (bqStudio) Software Suite v1.3.54.1 - Build 1.

I am not able to see the recommended target  mentioned in BQ25703A EVM i.e., “Charger_1_00-bq25703AI2C.bqz” in the list of supported targets by tool.

So does EV2300 support the BQ25703A EVM for enabling the battery charging configuration ? If yes, then please provide the steps to do so.

Can i select some other charger target which may be compatible in configuring battery enable ?

If not then does it need EV2400 kit for this ?

Also am i using the correct version of the tool i.e., bqStudio Software Suite v1.3.54.1 - Build 1 ?


Devendra Singh Solanki

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