Battery Charger Forum Ground Rules

Welcome to the Battery Charger Forum.  In order to help us give you the level of support that you are used to receiving please:

1) Make your login your first and last name.  This makes it easy to contact you outside the forum when necessary. 

2) Start the Subject line with the part number, FOLLOWED by a short description of what the post is about.  This helps others understand the basic contents of the forum post.  Experience shows that posts with better subject lines get better and quicker responses.

3) Please use tags for your posts.  Include the part number in question plus additional key words such as "ripple, failure, efficiency, overcurrent, etc." The tags improve future search functionality and will help others find the post if it is relevant to their problem.  

4) If you are satisified with the answer, PLEASE mark the thread as "Answered."

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