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  • Can I use BQ2057W to charge Ni-Mh Battery?

  • ...this really sounds like customers are being asked to do the work of TI's Support Team in terms of writing and answering FAQs...

  • In reply to blame:

    It is a dual effort since the TI support is asked never to change the customer's input, even the title so if they do not make it clear, we are asked not to change it and then it is confusing for every one.


  • In reply to Charles Mauney:

    Charles, I was not suggesting Support should change customer's input.  Rather, the Support team should be driving the creation of "Frequently Asked Questions" documents, Application Notes, and Data Sheet updates, all to clarify the issues that customers are asking about.  In other words, TI Support should be driving documentation improvement so that the same questions do not have to be asked over and over.

  • No part number

    I have a generic question:

    I'm trying to design a small project, that runs with 3.3V logic. It seems logical to use a 3.6V lithium battery, and an LDO get get that 3.3V line.  Am I looking in the wrong place?

    Yes, a USB-based charger would be nice. I suspect my final design will draw 50 to 100 mA, tops. I just keep butting my head against the question: If these chips are managing my battery so darn well, where's the regulated [3.3V or other] output?

    Am I expected to use a secondary LDO, after the battery charger? Is there some 100+ pin "overkill" monster chip with 5 LDO's,  switch mode supply, etc. that solves my problems? My searches of the TI website to this point have been rather frustrating.

  • In reply to Alan Campbell1:

    Your question is not very clear Alan, but it sounds like you're looking for a USB powered, single-cell Li-ion battery charger with built-in LDO that correct?  

    If so, you might find something like that, but I would think it's unlikely since integrating an LDO with certain specs into the batt charger would significantly narrow the broad appeal of the device whereas a separate charger IC can easily be paired with any 10~50cent LDO rated for the specific voltage & current needed for the application.

    If charging at 500mA max is good enough for you, then why not just use a little 60cent USB-friendly, linear Li-ion charger device?

    Also, if you don't _have_ to run at 3.3V and can do the job with a 2.5~3.0V LDO, then you'll get another ~25% capacity out of your Li-ion battery since typical use voltage is down to 3.0V

    If you don't like TI's parametric search, you can try Digikey's.  Have fun!

  • In reply to blame:

    Thank you. I was indeed looking for a single, small, all-in-one chip to keep my design small & simple. I'm limited in space by the enclosure: a maglite [kid's toy "sonic screwdriver" with radio] .

    Wish me luck.

  • In reply to Alan Campbell1:

    hey every one 
    i read the datashet but i have some points are not clear 
    i was wonder if thgere is some one that can help me nd thank u :) 

  • In reply to Jbeli Ahmed:

    Hello Ahmed,

    Please create a new post with your questions referencing the part number and the specific places in the datasheet that might be unclear.


  • In reply to Ryan May:

    thank u for ur reply 

    chek this link

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