UC3906 LED Indicator Problem


I am using UC3906 to charging my SLA battery 6V 4.5Ah, the following are the specification:

Voc=7.45V    V12=7.08V    Vf=6.9V     V31=6.21V    Vin=12V  Imax=500mA

R2=0.51Ω   R7=82KΩ   R12=10KΩ   R13= 39kΩ   R8=220Ω   R6=390KΩ

other the resistor value are same as below circuit.

My input is connected with an adapter 12V 1A.

The problem i facing is that when i on the power, my led float(green) and bulk(orange) are on without connect to the battery.May i know it that my resistor calculation are wrong or anyway i can check the problem that i facing.

Thank You .

Hope can get the reply as soon as poosible.

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