Charge Done not detected with bq25010


I am using bq25010 to charge my battery 190mAh Li-Polimer cell using USB.

Current meter is connected in series between battery and bq25010.

I am able to detect following states

Fast charge in progress (USB present) - STAT1=ON , STAT2=OFF

Speel mode (USB absent) - STAT1=OFF , STAT2=OFF

But when battery charges fully, Current in meter drops below 1.9mA, but

I am not getting Charge Done - STAT1=OFF, STAT2=ON

Is this feature really supported in the IC?

STAT1 and STAT2 are open drain, so configured for internal pullup. They are working as I am getting "Fast charge in progress" and "Sleep mode".

Need your thoughts that why I am not getting Charge Done. Load is not dis-connected during charging.