SolarCharger of BQ24650


The HIDRV pin and LODRV pin can't provide PWM?

Thanks for your explanation.

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  • Typically for a solar charger with a MMP of 17.2V on the solar panel, the open circuit voltage would be 21.5V and the charger would load the input until the solar panel's output voltage drops to ~17.2V.

    Are you just putting 17.2V on the input?  If so, as soon as the charger starts to load the circuit it hits the MPP threshold and reduces the power transfer.

    If you are testing with a lab supply, set the supply to 2.15V and apply a series resistor (R= 21.5V-17.2V / Immp); where Immp is the expected current delivered at 17.2V (maximum power point threshold).

  • Fix the problem? 

    I have the same quetion.  How?