BQ28Z610: Zero Voltage Charge Disable

Part Number: BQ28Z610

Is there a convenient way to disable zero voltage charge on this part?  The behavior of the bq27742-G1 part or something similar would be preferred.

Jason S. Mann | Electrical Engineer | Ultralife Corporation 

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  • Set the threshold to a low value like 2300mV.


    Damian Lewis

  • In reply to Damian Lewis:

    Single cell application.

    Power,Shutdown,Shutdown Voltage,2300,mV

    The bq28z610 eval board allows a charge current of ~1.7mA with a cell voltage of between 0.0V to almost 1.6V.  I believe this is an analog feature in the block diagram labeled "Zero Volt Charge Control".

    The bq27742-G1 eval board allows a charge current of ~4.4mA to ~1.6mA with a cell voltage of between 2.4V to 1.6V and prevents charging below 1.4V.

    Is this the correct behavior of the bq28z610 AFE?

    If so, does TI have a prescribed way or application note on modifying the stock behavior of the AFE on the CHGFET on the bq28z610 part to defeat "Zero Volt Charge Control"?

    If not, what is the correct behavior?

    In my application, allowing charge below a certain cell voltage is not allowed.

    Jason S. Mann | Electrical Engineer | Ultralife Corporation