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BQ34110: how to set up multicell in BQ studio for bq34110?

Part Number: BQ34110

I am trying to set up 8S Lifepo4 guage bq34110 under BQStudion, unfortunatelly without sucess, is ther somebody who can help? Advances? step-by-step instructions, exmaples, BQ projects?

(working with bq34110EVM-796 board)

thanks a lot

  • Hi Valentin,

    Please follow the steps in the EVM guide for calibrating the board: www.ti.com/.../sluubi1.pdf

    In general, the flow for using a CEDV gauge like the bq34110 is to:

    1) Calibrate the board
    2) Use the GPCCEDV tool to determine parameters for the battery, found here: http://www.ti.com/tool/gpccedv
    a) This will require taking 6 logs, as described in the gpccedv tool documentation
    b) Logging may be accomplished with bqStudio + EV2400 + EVM or with a tool such as an Arbin or Maccor
    c) Program the returned parameters from the GPCCEDV tool in the gauage
    3) Set parameters in the gauge based on single cell values. These parameters are discussed in detail in the TRM found here: www.ti.com/.../sluubf7
    4) Fully charge and discharge the battery
    5) Test for SOC accuracy

    Bryan Kahler
  • In reply to Bryan Kahler:

    Hi Bryan,

    thank you for feedback, I will follow up with this procedure, but it is time consuming and need additional eqipment (chiller). Also my setup behaves very strange, described in my previous post (I have ordered EV2400 inbetween, to see if issues are gone, hope they will)
    I am able to calibrate bq34110EVM-796 for single cell but not able to callibrate it for 8S config, it seems to be something goes wrong because if I change Nr of serial cells from 1 to 8 VEN bit is set and EV2300 (rev.r) it shows voltage of the pack (incorrect one like 7V instead of 25,6V). According to DS sensing bat voltage shopuld be below 0,9V because of linearity, but assuming Volage diider parameter to be 16bit the max value cannot reach 65V as declared in DS and tech ref manual, additionally EV2300 stopps communicating and there is only one way to return, program using previous project golden file.

    here are follow up questions:
    -how to calibrate 8S cell confiig?

    - is there a way to configure q34110 without GPC tool to indicate correct voltage for8S Lifepo4, accuracy not important in this step
    (which partameters to assume?) step by step instructions will really help, I believe it should be able to estimate charge level and capacity after first discharge, or it is valit only vor impedance tracking?

    - it is not clear for me someparameters, maybe I missed some manual except DS, tech. ref.manual, esspecially menaing of parameters like "Configuration/Number of Series cells" what is the meaning of "Calibration/Voltage divider" for multicell application in BQStudio?

    -in BQ studio, chemistry fileas re suported for this gugae, because I do not see them (my previous post)

  • In reply to Valentin Kulikov:

    even better, is there golden file for 8s Lifepo4 2,5Ah power pack available to obtain for BQstudio? I can strat work with and check if system is ok or not?
    once there are may of GPC measureents submitted I believe you shoud have coople of them, this will really help. thanks a lot.