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BQ40Z80: BQ40Z80 for High-Voltage 5S LiPo batteries

Part Number: BQ40Z80

I am exited about the new chip and I was wondering when it will be available

We are currently starting the develpment of the BMS and will need following quantities:

  • Development/Prototyping
    • Q3 2018
    • 50-100 samples

  • Preproduction
    • Q3 2018
    • 200-300 units
  • Production
    • Starting Q1 2019
    • 5-10 kunits/year (after ramp up)

I have following question:

  • Supply chain:
    • When will the chip be available?
    • Can you meet the above mentioned quantities?
    • What is the expected lead time?
    • Do you see any supply chain issues? (being electronics such a hot topic nowadays)
  • Tech
    • Does the chip works with HV cells? (4.35 V/cell max)
    • Impedance Track vs. CEDV which is better?
    • Does impedance track needs calibration/training?
    • How difficult is to adapt the firmware to a specificion application?
      • i.e. is just a matter of adjusting parameters or does it need some more coding?
    • Would be the firmware used on a evalboard the same as the used for production?
    Thanks in advance for all the information you can provide



  • Ciao Federico,
    The bq40z80 samples are available (free & paid samples): did you try to order some?
    We will RTM (release to the market) later this year.
    We do not foresee any supply chain issues with this device.
    IT vs. CEDV: this is a complex question as it depends on many factors (accuracy requirement, application...). Drone manufacturers typically use IT for its accuracy.
    You will not need to do coding when using bq40z80.
    We may release a new firmware when we RTM bq40z80 (too early to tell).

  • In reply to David Hien:

    Hi David,

    thanks for your answers.

    one more question, I have understood correctly that Ti chips such as the BQ40Z80 are standalone solutions, i.e. no additional micro-controller is needed to build a complete BMS?

    We are still evaluating whether the BQ40Z80 is the most suitable for our application, so we haven't ordered samples yet.

    Speaking of which, as we don't have a lot of experience with TI BMS chip I was wondering: do you also provide support in the selection of the most appropriate chip/solution? What kind of data would you need to help in this selection? ( do you have forms to fill or something similar)



  • In reply to Federico Speziali:

    Ciao Federico,
    bq40z80 is indeed a stand-alone gauge: no need for a micro-controller.
    The best place to start the selection process for your next gauge is www.ti.com/.../products.html
    You can use the parametric search on the left to identify the device(s) the most suitable to your application.