bq3060 - Bad current calibration - instant permanent failure - can't fix

Hi there,

I'm working on programming and calibrating the bq3060 on 10 first article boards for a new design. I'm using the bqEVSW software to do this, and calibrating one item at a time.

After calibrating current on one board and then switching boards, I forgot to uncheck "Pack Current Calibration" and thus accidentally calibrated current simultaneously with CC offset. Since no current was flowing and the "actual current" value was at -1757 mA, the current sense is extremely sensitive and any noise drives it to 32767 mA.

Obviously, this trips the overcurrent protection features and I end up with an SOCC permanent failure followed by CFETF permanent failure. I thus cannot write to the dataflash.

So this gives me an inescapable loop. I can clear the permanent failure, but because the calibration is off, it immediately triggers an overcurrent permanent failure, so that I can't fix the calibration (which requires dataflash write access).

I've looked for a "factory reset" command or similar but can't find one. Is there any other way to fix this, or do I just have to replace the chip?



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  • 1. From the EVSW, go to the PRO screen. In the Write SMB Word section, enter SMB cmd = 00, Word(Hex) = 0F00. Hit Write button. This will put the device in ROM mode

    2. At the PRO screen, Srec programming section, select the default bq3060 FW (download the attached default FW from this reply). Hit Program button

    3. Upon completion, in Send SMB command section, enter SMB cmd = 08. Hit Write button. This will put the device back in FW mode.

    You device should reset to the default state.

    Note: Make sure your power supply is stand and the voltage. Any disconnect of power supply during programming will lock up the device.

    Make sure you scan is off at the SBS screen.
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    I had 2 identical batteries. I wanted to copy firmware from first one to second one. Chip is Bq3060 v0.14. I went into rom mode with 0x0f00. I went to Flash Memory --> Read to File ... It gave some sort of error. Now all data is corrupted.

    How can I get it back to life? I tried flashing firmware you posted here but is not working. Same error like for reading.

    What caused the error?

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    Any ideea?

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    You probably will get more help if you start your own post instead of reopening one from two years ago.