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BQ27520-G4: Reference Design for 2S battery pack

Part Number: BQ27520-G4

I can find two application note for this kind of cases. Basically, we have a external OP for voltage divider. 

2011:  Multicell Li-Ion and Li-Polymer Battery Gas-Gauge Host Side Application Using bq2750x

2017:  bq27426 Gauging Design for Applications With 2 Serial Li-Ion Batteries

For 2011 document, using TLV2241 for this case. But this is a legacy device and I suspect if it 's still working for bq27520. 

For 2017 document, using TS321 for this case. This is suitable for lower leakage current 50uA. Since bq27520 apply current is 118uA, I think it's not working for this device. 

If so, do we have other reference circuit for bq27520 with 2S battery pack?