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BQ27411-G1: Battery parameters changed to zero when I connect the gauge to 7.4V power supply ,but I didn't turn on the power.

Part Number: BQ27411-G1

  I  connect a  1K resistor from   pin PROG of bq21411G1C to   its pin SDA.  

First , I  write  data to the  data memory, and  the gauge is working very  well.  Parameters of  battery is  correct.

Then ,I  connect  pin PROG and   GND  to  power‘s  positive pole  and  GND.And I don't  turn on the power.

Battery parameters suddenly   change to zero.  and  remove the wires  connecting to the  power supply, parameters recover   to  normal.

Is  the resistor   value   unsuitable? should I use 480K  resistor like what the data sheet tells ?

 My   .ggcsv  file  is  exported from a  chip of bq27411G1A ,  Does it  matter?